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On this, the seventh day of November in the year nineteen hundred and ninety nine, ... blah blah blah.

This is going to ramble a bit.  It should still be a quick read....


As this was our annual mismanagement meeting, we thought it would be a good time to review what everyone is supposed to be doing:

Grand Master (aka GM, Hashmaster) - This person provides the physical leadership of the hash.  That is, he or she has the ultimate responsibility for everything related to the hash.  Other than that, the GM does not have any particular week-to-week tasks to perform.  Full Term was elected to take the abuse.

It was decided that there are no other elected positions.  The GM must delegate all other tasks.  That way, it is up to him or her to name positions and people to fill them.  Here is who Full Term appointed:

Religious Advisor (RA) - This person is responsible for running down-downs and for making sure the weather is good.  As he has been doing such a good job, and he doesn't have anything else to do, and we wouldn't let him appoint anyone else, Full Term was forced to appoint himself to a second year of being RA.

On-Sec - Nobody really knows what an On-Sec is supposed to do, but we need someone to edit the newsletter, keep an updated roster, and maybe even keep track of the history of who shows up.  Since he wasn't there to say no, Soar Balls was reappointed for a second year of these duties (hehe I said ``doodies").

Hash Cash - Somebody's got to keep the hash from going broke. This person must collect fees and membership dues from hashers, and dole out reimbursement to hares (more on this later).  Considering how anal-retentive he is (does anal-retentive have a hyphen?), and how there's little danger he'll embezzle money for beer, Yer-Anus was a natural choice for this position.  The pack had no idea he would bring a computer to the hash to do the accounting.

Haberdasher - The hash needs stuff to wear.  This person gets it.  While Rhotan did a fine job at this last year (does everyone have a shirt, a towel, and a bandana?), EZ Sunday was feeling left out after have been dethroned (ooh, sounds fun!) as GM, so he was thrown this bone.  Send him your requests for items you would like emblazened with the Second City HHH logo.

Financial report

As of November 1, 1999, the hash had $830.00 in the kitty.  We collected $1570 for weekly fees, and $740 in membership dues.  If you do the math, you'll see that this means we spent $1480 on beer, Nutter Butters, chips, soda, water, and miniature golf.

Yearly memberships cost $20, and this entitles you to a newsletter 6 times a year, and a $1 reduction in Hash Cash fees ($4 instead of $5).  We also like you more if you're a member.

Lifetime memberships cost $100, and entitle you to the newsletter and a $2 reduction in Hash Cash fees ($3 instead of $5).

We also clarified the family memberships, which entitles an entire family (spouses and children) to receive the benefits for the cost of a single membership.  Domestic partnership agreements will also qualify couples.

Six people attended enough hashes to save money by being members: Specklebird, Full Term, Cap'n Golden, Rear Guard, Buffalo Nuts, and Yer-AnusSoar Balls and EZ Sunday became lifetime members this past year, so they have another year before they're ahead. [note: Full Term is also now a lifetime member.]

Hash Cash / reimbursement policy

You must have a receipt to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred for the hash.  Special requests should be made before you buy the stuff.  Hash Cash will pay for:

  • beer - in cans at $12 per case or less.  Special requests may be made for bottled beer or other special brews.
    • MGD
    • Lite
    • Busch
    • Milwaukee's Best
    • Old Style
    • American
  • soda - a variety at $6 per case or less.
    • Squirt
    • Sprite
    • Diet Coke
    • root beer
    • ginger ale
  • cookies
    • Nutter Butters are expected
    • Oreos
    • Chips Ahoy
    • other similarly-priced cookies
  • chips
    • Nacho or Ranch Doritos
    • Fritos
    • Ruffles - plain, bar-B-Q, sour cream & cheddar cheese, sour cream & onion

Hash Cash will consider (with the GM) special requests for reimbursement for special events or food (special transportation, mini golf, park fees, chili, split pea soup, chowder, hot dogs, etc.).  These are usually the responsibility of the host/hare, though.

Expenses for beer checks (refreshment before the finish) are technically the responsibility of the hare(s).  However, Hash Cash and the GM will consider requests for reimbursement (meaning - we usually will pay you).

When the finish is at a bar, Hash Cash will pay for down-down beverages up to the amount of hash cash collected minus one dollar per person.  This is usually less than you think, especially if pitchers cost more than $5 or (*gasp*) pitchers are not available.  Hash Cash is unlikely to pay for pub grub, but most bars don't mind too much if you bring in your own chips and cookies (i.e. Nutter Butters).  Hash Cash will reimburse for that.  When in doubt, ask Hash Cash or the GM.

When are we hashing?

It was decided that, once and for all, the Second City Hash House Harriers hash on Sundays.  During Daylight Savings Time (April - October), the start is 3:00 p.m.  Otherwise (i.e. in the winter), the start is 1:00 p.m.  The pack should be on the trail by 15 or 20 minutes after these times.  (So, none of this crap about ``3:00 really means 4:00.")


As the new GM, Full Term announced that there will be much more singing before, during, and after hashes.  There was much rejoicing (and singing).


While Soar Balls is the editor of the newsletter, other people are asked, wanted, and needed to write articles.  He has the responsibility to delegate who will write up each hash.  If you'd like to volunteer, we're sure he'd be happy to let you do it.

Future Constitional Conventions

In the future, the Constitutional Convention hash will take place on the first regular hashing day following the Chicago Marathon (not the day of)

Signature Event

Instead of the semi-monthly theme hashes that we tried last year, we will work toward a single large ``signature" event sometime next summer.  This will be designed to attract people from out of town, and will include multiple hashes over a weekend.  The idea is that this will become a regular event that people in and out of Chicago put on their calendars months ahead of time.It was agreed that it would be worth it to lose money on this event for a year or two, with the understanding that it eventually would be a source of revenue for the hash

EZ Sunday is leading the group to organize this event.  If you are interested in helper, or have ideas on where it should be, let him know.

Trail Markings

This past year saw a wide variety of marks used by different hares.  We decided on a consistent set of marks to be used on all future Second City hashes.  Check with the GM before you use any other mark.

Hash Mark - a handfull of flour, or a knot of toilet paper, or a regular arrow.  This mark is used to indicate trail that could be true or false.  It is the most common mark.

Check Point (aka decision point) - a circle with a + or X inside of it.  This mark is used whenever trail goes in one or more directions.  Trail can go in any direction from here, not just the four directions indicated by the + or X.  Any bad trail with three or more marks should be marked with an ``F."  You may have a bad trail with one or two marks and no ``F" (see False Trail).

False Trail (aka bad trail) - an ``F."  This mark is used on any bad trail with three or more marks.  The entire trail back to the previous check point is false. (Otherwise you'd use a Check Back.)

True Trail Arrow - an arrow with three lines through it.  This mark may only be used by the hare(s), and it should point as accuractely as possible in the direction of the true trail.  It may also bend to indicate a turn around a corner.

Check Back - the letters ``CB" followed by a number.  This marks tells the pack to count back that many hash marks and look for a turn on the trail.  This is technically true trail.  For example, ``CB 13" means to go back on trail, counting the last thirteen marks.  Then, look around for trail going in another direction.

Split - two or more connected arrows pointing in different directions.  This mark means that trail goes in only one of the directions indicated.  So, if you find one mark, you're on.  This is a true trail mark; you should not put one of these on a false trail.

Pack Arrow - a plain arrow.  This mark may be used by the hare to indicate trail (true or false), or by the pack to show where people behind them where they went.  Other than suggesting a direction, it is no different than a splash of flour or a knot of toilet paper.

Beer Near - a circle with ``BN" in it.  This mark indicates when either a beer check or the finish is less than about a quarter-mile away.  The words ``Bear Near" might also be written, but this attracts civilians, so is discouraged.

Finish - a circle with a ``B" in it. This mark is used to indicate that the trail has reached a beer check or the finish.  The words ``On-In" may also be written for the finish (no for a check, though).

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