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November 22, 1998

R*n #10:
Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap in Hyde Park
Hares: CICO and Soar Balls

Dr. Soar Balls and Ms. Hyde
(Park, That Is)

One of the things that CICO said she liked about 2nd City was that we tended to r*n out of well lit bars.  Well, that all ended with her selection of Jimmy's Tap in Hyde Park.  Not only was there no light, there was no front door.  A scrawled message on an 8 ½ by 11" piece of paper directed us to the back.  The hashers stroll by 2 hungry looking dogs, and thru the bright, clean kitchen.  Hhhhmmmmm.

I got there around 1:40, and Buffalo Nuts and Rear Guard were in attendance.  They seemed as leery as I.  Within minutes a true gaggle of hashers appeared.  HornE, Polly, Bloody, Virtually, Rhoty, Fully, Anusy, Dainty and Chip N Dale.

The two Hares showed up independently of one another and ask, ``Have you seen……?.

A couple of cheap beers later, and we were off, immediately crossing the four lane road in front of the bar.  A very enjoyable jaunt thru a place of hier lurning followed.  We wove in and out (no she wasn't really there) of the University.  There were a couple of really good checks that spread the pack out.  Then we were lost.  I was alone, but sure that I was infinitely ahead of the pack, and there, off in distance, a man dressed in red, beard flowing, horn blowing, HornE heading up towards the train tracks.  I followed, as did the pack. Running down the tracks for a quarter mile or so, until the trail ended at a checkback.  True trail headed down the wall and into a fine housing development.  The now bunched pack followed trail until it went away again.  ``Let's look behind the fence," said EZ.  We did and there it was.  For me, this was a most enjoyable portion; about 75 yards of nothing but empty malt liquor bottles.  I was at peace with the world, although thirsty.

We headed off into the park.  At one point the trail took off across a dam that was really just a beam about 8" wide, 20 yards long.  Don't know how many really went across, but when I was passing, Chip N Dale was gingerly tiptoeing across, and then came Dainty, who used her gymnastic abilities and veritably flew over.  Very impressive.

More park, and then the most dastardly form of hash inettiquette that I've ever seen!  Almost too horrific to recall.  Rhotan AUTO HASHING!  Yes, he basically carjacked these strangers, and forced them to turn around and drive him to his desired location.  Which being a hasher with only ½ a mind was across the street and down a block.  Still don't know why anybody would allow a strange sweaty man into their auto.

By now, I'm really thirsty.

Across a bridge, by some recently bombed out building, around the back to the beach, and the beer stop.  There were 2 beverages, Beer and Schlitz.  Soar Balls had the official 2nd City Hash football. It became immediately apparent to this reporter that football is not in our future.

Off again.  If things are not already in the wrong order, they will be now; so these are more ramblings than reporting.  I'm sure that Chip was wearing pants at the start, but he's not now.  Carlene may want to ask him about it.  We were r*nning together, well he was r*nning, I was panting. (no, not because  he wasn't wearing pants).  Virtually Hung and some others decided to take the turkey trail.  CockStrapper, Chip, Rhotan, and I stayed the course on the eagle.  At least for a while.  Let's see, there's a point of land heading out into the lake.  There's 2 choices, either the trail heads off across the lake(that's pretty far), or it comes back.  Nobody went on SB's long loop.

The trip back included a couple of piles of leaves for Rhotan to frolic in.  A leaf-filled fountain that EZ learned was much deeper than he thought, and back in.

Theatrical Aside:

Here's a couple of things that happened, but I don't remember when.

Horn-E suffered much bleeding.  Apparently fell while trying to catch a golf ball.

There was a beautiful Japanese garden.

SB and CICO found a dessert (I think that's supposed to be desert, ed.). Really. Sand, deep sand.

Back to real time.

Home at CICO's. She had made really good chili and bread for us. We stood outside eating, drinking very good beer and freezing. Slowly, the pack moved into her laundry room, where the circle took place. Shortly thereafter the circle died under it's own weight, and CICO invited us in. Rhotan made a beer run. I think we ordered pizza.  I was sitting on the floor by SB, when Frith walked by and gave me a big lick, prompting SB to exclaim," Face like a crotch!" Sure I gotta remember that.

 - EZ


ps. As I was running this morning, a quote from my dear, departed grandmother came to mind. Make it a part of your life. ``There's nothing better on a Saturday night, than a glass of brandy and a good spanking."

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