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Slightly outdated Constitution

Notes from Second Constitutional Convention


We had our Eighth Constitutional Convention on Sunday, November 13th, 2005. We elected new mismanagement, reviewed the past year, and planned for the year ahead. 

Grand Master:

Religious Advisor:
Stiff and Bloody <marco@ilmbc.com>

Hash Cash:
Yer Anus <yer-anus@canoecouple.net>

Hare Raiser:
Dickens' Cider<dcider@earthlink.net>

Beer Meister:
Shit on My Rod

Dickens' Cider <dcider@earthlink.net>

In attendance at the mismanagement meeting (in no particular order):
Dicens' Cider, CICO, Alex and Andy, Yer-Anus, Soar Balls, Rhotan, Stiff and Bloody.

We voted for a new hashmaster (Rhotan), and he "appointed" the rest of mismanagement.

Much was discussed including who, what, where, when, and why we are. Conclusions were made, ambiguities might have potentially been vaguely cleared up, and beer was consumed. The call for better beer, cheaper hash cash, more frivolity and pranks, and general good natured hashing was answered with a resounding "huzzah!" For any more information you'll just have to come out and join us.

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