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An ``F" is used by the hares to indicate a bad trail or false trail. Members of the pack should go back to the last decision point and look for another trail. www.parcbotannia.info


``Beer Near" or ``BN" will be written by the hares just before the finish.

Caught Hare


A hare is caught on a live trail when a member of the pack touches him or her. The hare must be marking the trail and must have either chalk or flour in his or her possession to be considered caught. A caught hare must be released immediately. Caught hare(s) are awarded a ``down-down." One hare caught implies all hares are caught. Hares cannot be caught on a dead trail, since they are done laying trail before it even begins.

Dead Trail


A trail that is prelaid by the hares, usually earlier that day.  This lets the hares follow the trail with the pack, keeping them from getting too lost.


Decision Point


Also known as a check point. Decision points are marked at any location where there are two or more possible trails or paths. Trail can go in any direction from a decision point. More marks




A form of ritualized drinking. When you have a cup, can, or bottle of the beverage of your choice, the pack will sing a song with the words ``drink" or ``down" in it. At that point, you should start drinking. You will continue drinking until one of two things happen:

  1. you finish the beverage, and you turn the cup over on top of your head to show that it's empty, or
  2. you don't finish the beverage, and you pour the rest over your head to show that it's empty.



See bad trail.


Hash Cash


The person who keeps the hash funds and collects the money from the pack at the start.


Hash Mark


A handful of flour, some toilet paper hanging from a branch, or a chalk mark that indicates trail, but not necessarily true trail.


Live Trail


A trail that is not prelaid.  The hares get a 15 minute head start to lay trail.  The pack may catch the hares while they are laying trail.




On-On's are conducted after the hash run at a local restaurant/bar or whatever. The purpose is comradeship and a general BS session. Everyone is welcome at On-On's.


Pack Arrow


Used by the members of the pack to indicate the direction the pack went. A pack arrow is not always true trail. More marks


True Trail Arrow


Drawn (usually with white chalk) to indicate the proper direction of the trail. They are drawn by the hares only! More marks

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