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February 28, 1999

R*n #16:
Brewing Co. No. 9
Hares: Soar Balls

Record Attendance of 23 View 4th Annual Febrewery Hash

Before I get into this too far, lets all see if we can't recruit someone to replace the guy who's gone from EZ Sundays office.  His loss is our loss, as I have to write this trash, and were missing out on EZ's Musings. Besides, an overworked EZ is a less happy EZ

The annual Febrewery Hash kicked off in style at Brewing Co. No. 9 with a visitor (Comholer from Pissburgh), a trio of new boots (Tarter Sauce from Osan?, Matt from D.C. {also a member} and I-69 from Cleveland), and a handful of long-lost hashers (Cosmo, Viqueen, 69$-man, Mudsucker, Learning to Blow, and In & Out). After a beer or three we got down to brewing some kick-ass Coal Porter. As expected, 69#-man got way into the brewing, and we alternating weighing out grains and hops, as well as stirring. The brewing took a little longer than planned, so Cosmo , 69#-man, and Dainty were left behind to finish the brewing whilst we hashed.

Trail wove down the side street, up the large snow pile at the end to the RR tracks. A bit of back streets, some construction and around a big block of construction. Eventually we wound to the Damen/Clybourn/Diversey intersection with a check. Apparently the check did its duty, completely screwing up the pack, as I went to plant some fine Goose Island beer at the beer stop behind the old Golden Prairie brewery. While I was doing that, Rear Guard had already short-cut to the beer stop as instructed and was being assaulted by a homeless guys dog.

The remainder of the pack seemed to be taking a long time to get there, due to them falling for the false trail towards the Damen bridge before finally finding trail towards the Diversey-River Bowl, down the steps from the bridge, behind the stores and over to the beer. Finally, Cockstrapper was seen and called over, followed by the rest of the pack, with Speckie and Tarter Sauce bringing up the rear.

After enjoying the beer, the pack was off to the RR tracks again, and some weaving about, whilst Soar Balls took his 2nd beer stop to behind the old Chicago Brewing Co. Sadly, I got impatient and went looking for hounds and was spotted by Wildman and EZ Sunday seeking trail from the check at the Clybourn Metra stop. They spied the hare and went that way, dragging the whole pack with them, rather than through the true trail behind the rails and through a bit of shiggy. Oh well, we were running late for the hoped-for brewery tour at Goose Island, our final destination. I scampered off, leaving them the beer to try to hold up the tour.

Sadly, the tour was underway when I arrived at the Goose, but with directions to go straight there rather than screwing around Finkl and Sons, as trail had done, some folks actually got to catch the tail end of the tour. Thank Goodness they did, as they scammed much free beer from the tasting.

Lots of chips and good Goose Island beer later, I think all were well-satisfied enough, including Cap'n Golden, Gaseous, Bloody, Virtually Hung and long-lost hasher Pedophile, who showed up late (all of whom I've failed to mention, as I wasn't on trail to observe their antics). Eventually, the last stragglers, Cap'n Golden, Dainty, Cornholer, and Soar Balls went back to the starting location to drink next door at Hop Cats, where I'd procured a handful of coupons. Upon leaving there, we even ran into another long-lost transplant hasher, Peterbilt from Houston, whose wife and family have been keeping him busy. Hopefully well see him soon. Though I'm not qualified to rate my own hash, especially considering I didn't even r*n it, I'm going to do so anyhow.

With all the good beer, lots of people, pretty good trail (despite some confusion), I've got to say 2 balls large. Heck, after all, we did get 23 people out there, and we didn't even have two of our biggest attendees, Full Term and Yer-Anus. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Matt gets the Yer-Anus award for ambiguously gay comments taken out of context for his report on the smoke-flavored rauchbier, which he likened to sucking on a Yule log. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive.

 - Soar Balls

Chicago Brewing Notes:

1 . The location of our first beer stop, the seemingly abandoned Golden prairie Brewery, was also the original home of another famous and long-standing Chicago brewer, Michael Brand.

2 . After leading the nation in number of breweries prior to prohibition, and still having many independent breweries through the 50s and 60s, Chicago had no local breweries by the early 1970s.

3 . Such Chicago historical figures as Diversey and Wacker (I forgot their first names) at least dabbled in the art and business of brewing.

4 . This might be a good place to note that Specklebird, in addition to liking stuff, also likes beer.

OK, I've run out of stuff to say here. This never would have happened if EZ Sunday didn't have to work too much and had time to write up this hash. Again, I implore you, find someone to help alleviate the horrendous workload on our esteemed GM, or his employers may keep him captive forever.

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