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Preamble:  We the Hashers of the greater Chicagoland Area, in order to form a more perfect kennel, establish funness, procure domestic liquidity (or imported if the circumstances call for it), provide for our common-law friends, promote the general well hare, and secure the blessings of libatons to ourselves and our posteriors, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Second City Hash House Harriers.

Article I:  Membership and Fees

Be it hereby resolved that membership for the period of 1 year shall be purchasable by any individual for the price of $20 U.S. Currency.  Be it further resolved that the self-same $20 may be applied to a family membership, thereby providing full membership benefits to all members of the same nuclear family.  Said membership shall entitle bearer to a $4 hash cash (as opposed to $5 for non-members), and a complimentary issue of this magnificent newsletter every two months.  Annual subscription to said newsletter shall be purchasable for $5.00 .U.S. Currency.  Furthermore, Lifetime membership may be purchased for $100 U.S. Currency, providing the bearer, his or her heirs and assigns, with lifetime membership benefits ($3 fee per hash and newsletters).

Be it also resolved that all virgins shall participate in their first hash for no fee.

The haberdasher is hereby instructed to provide name tags of an appealing design to each member who has attended 10 hashes with the 2nd City Hash House Harriers.

Article II:  R*n Times and Dates

Be it hereby resolved that the 2nd City Hash House Harriers shall meet every 2nd week of the year on Sunday afternoon.  The time of meeting shall be 1:00 PM between the months of October and April, the time of starting being amended to 3:00 PM between the months of April and October, the time of changing coinciding with the switch between daylight savings time and standard time.  We are hereby resolved that each hash shall begin no sooner than 15 minutes and no later than 30 minutes after the official starting time.

Be it further resolved that every 4th hash (corresponding to a frequency of once each 2 months) shall be a theme hash, the next being the Christmas Hash/Party at EZ Sunday's.  A final proposal for a monthly Friday evening hash is currently being taken under advisement.

Article III:  Mismanagement

The 2nd City Mismanagement shall consist of a Grand Master, Hash Cash, On-Sec and Haberdasher.  Elections shall be held annually on the date of the fall time change from a slate provided by the GM and published in the preceding newsletter.

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