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August 15, 1999

R*n #28
Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve
Hare: Yer-Anus and Full Term

Argonne With the Wind

I got to the start a little over an hour late.  You should be proud of me; I bailed out on a family function for this, and I am not talking about dinner with my sister.  I left a reunion/ graduation party for my cousin.  I got to the start and the pack was already gone by 45 minutes or so, so I figured that I would have to drive around and maybe, just maybe find trail or beer stop.  Bear in mind this was a Yer Anusesque live trail, so the beer stop could be anywhere.

Eventually, I hooked up with Soar Balls, Split Pee and a traveler (actually 2-timer Tim -ed.) who were also late.  The four of us busted trail together through woods, along fence tops, railroad tracks, through more woods and a multitude of checks which Soar Balls was 0-for-every-one at finding true trail.  And dastardly false trails they were, at that!  Eventually, we made our way back to the railroad tracks and under them to the beer stop on the other side.  It was amazing; all of my yellings of "Are You?" half a mile down fell on deaf ears.  I find it extremely hard to believe that people could not hear me from half a mile away.

Thirsts nicely quenched (or partially quenched -- it was a hot day) we made our way back on trail and then off the trail entrusting our very lives with a "Soar Balls Shortcut™." This shortcut may or may not have actually put us further from the direction we wanted to go. After questioning the locals, trail was once again uncovered leading us to an Eagle/ Turkey Split. Soar Balls and Split Pee (actually, it was Tim -ed.) opted for the Eagle, while the other half of this quadsome decided Turkey meant shorter trail, which meant beer sooner.

Trail followed the bike path along the river and then across the river on a dam waterfall (and a very nice dam waterfall) where we briefly spoke to some more dam locals.  The dam couple called us "hashers" so I asked if they had been dam hashers in a former life.  The two dam people said no, but our dam comrades r*n past 45 dam minutes ago.

On in to the end, where the down-downs were already had, but EZ Sunday was kind and gentler enough to reconvene the circle to portion out proper down-downage to the late comers.  I also had the opportunity to reacquaint myself with I-69, a Napervillian hasher hailing originally from Cleveburgh.  I also met a visiting Californian hasher whose name escapes me (Der Füßball -ed.).  Many other hashers were there as well, including, but not limited to Golden , Buffalo Nuts, Rear Guard, and Full Term.  (Also present were Gaseous Clay, Ben Dover, Virtually Hung, and Mudsucker -ed.)  The conservation officer then came in and told us to carry on with our Christian ways, but keep our beers hidden and cleaned up.

On Out was called and everyone motored to a pizza place, where we ate pizza and held a witty and clever round table discussion on the topics of the day.

 - Specklebird

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